U-Pick Organic Fruit at our Good Life Farm


Please see our guide below to U-Picking in our organic orchard (Good Life Farm)!

UPick History


  • ‘Goldrush’ Nov 1- 4

  • ‘Enterprise’ Oct 26 - Nov 1

  • ‘Florina’ Oct 7-23

  • ‘Liberty’ September 22- Oct 10


  • September 2-4: 'Madison'

  • Aug 18-21 : 'Contender'

  • Aug 9-15: 'Vivid'

  • July 28-29: 'Garnet Beauty'

Interested in our fruit but can't come pick? 


All questions and more info:

Call: (607) 351 3313


Picking Organic Fruit here at Good Life Farm: A Guide


  • Check-in with the friendly staff inside the Cider House

  • Grab your map and your picking bags from the Cider House.. We’ll highlight the rows that are ready on your map.  Feel free to bring your own bags.

  • Wander out to the orchard with leisure and grace.

  • Look for the Orange Road Cone- that’s where you should pick!

  • Pick only the fruit you can reach from the ground.

  • USE TWO HANDS to pick the fruit. Put one hand on the fruit and the other on the stem, then twist gently. A ripe peach should come off easily. Take care not to let others drop in the process.

  • Please take home all the fruit you pick. It’s delicious and nutritious! If it’s not quite ripe, just wait a few days.

  • Take your harvest to the friendly staff inside the Cider House and check-out.

  • Eat the fruit and enjoy!


Essential Details


Price: $2/lb. Please bring your apples to the Cider House for weighing and payment.

Open Hours are during normal Tasting Room hours at the Cider House. Please see our hours page for full details.

Dogs are welcome in the Tasting Room, but not on the farm. To protect our farm’s livestock we cannot have dogs anywhere else on the farm (including the games lawn and U-Pick orchard). Thanks for helping us keep our farm animals safe!

You are welcome to take your cup of cider with you as you wander the farm/orchards, but please leave all glassware inside. There are plastic cups at the bar for you to use for this purpose.

Have fun! This place is awesome.