Good Life's Spring CSA+... 

At the heart of our CSA+ is Good Life Farm’s Spring Share-- a fresh vegetable tonic for the leanest months of the year.   GLF fills the CSA gap in the Trumansburg/Ithaca area by serving up fresh, organic vegetables weekly from mid-March to the end of May.  Members in GLF’s Spring Share support the farm by purchasing, up-front, a portion of the spring harvest from Good Life’s 6 high tunnels, 10 low tunnels and early field crops.  Members are invited to GLF’s member-only U-Pick strawberries and peas at the end of May, and events are designed to engage the CSA community.  As Good Life grows its year-round subscription CSA, Spring CSA customers form the backbone of GLF’s member base and allow GLF to do a 2014 soft-release of the Web Store and Neighborhood Drop model.

PICK UP SITE INFO (for Veg Share and CSA+ alike)

Fridays, 3-6pm, Ithaca Made (430 W. State St, Ithaca)

Fridays, 4-7pm (just extended!), South Hill Neighborhood (sign up for address)

Fridays, 2-6pm, Trumansburg Neighborhood (sign up for address)

Our fresh, organic Spring Veg share is full, but we welcome additional members to use the WebStore to support our collaborating producers...

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Share info

Members can expect greens- spinach, mixed Asian greens, lettuce, escarole, chard, radicchio- all season, with quantities increasing as day length and temperatures allow for shorter growing cycles into May.  The March and early April weeks will be primarily hardy, overwintered greens like spinach, chard and the Asian mix, with some leeks and scallions as the weather allows.  As April progresses into May, we’ll add lettuce to the greens mix and more scallions, garlic greens, perennial onions and ASPARAGUS to the share box. 

The Share generally feeds 2 adults and 2-3 children for a week, depending on whether one eats greens 1, 2 or 3 times a day J  This share is definitely for greens lovers, but remember that a growing cycle for greens in March is 150+ days, where in the Summer the cycle is 30-45 days.  Quantities will increase as the weather relaxes…