Good Life Goes ZING! for ginger...

Welcome to Fall's ode to our current star crop- Fresh, Young Ginger!  Please join us in eating and preserving this fabulous rhizome in all its forms- medicinal, delectably sweet, zingy and tart or crunchy raw!

First up, general storage and freezing advice.

Good Life ginger is harvested fresh and delivered the same day.  As a tropical plant grown in the much shorter season of the Northeast, it is a perishable product and is different than the cured ginger we generally find in the store.  Young ginger lends a flavor and freshness to dishes that surpasses cured ginger, as well as opening up more opportunities for culinary experimentation.  Consider trying it raw- grated into greens and root salads- cooked into vegetable dishes or in tea, ginger beer, glazes, sauces etc. 

Storage and perishability considerations:

  • Young ginger can be stored in the refrigerator for 10-14 days in a sealed container.
  • Any part of the root not used within 14 days should be frozen in a sealed plastic bag, and can be used for months afterwards.  GLF will deliver ginger well washed, but please double check and remove all dirt before freezing.
  • Use pre-frozen ginger still frozen and return unused portions to the freezer.  Repeated thawing and freezing will damage the storability of the root.