Good Life CSA+ Producers

Here is how we see it...  Our neighbors and friends produce an amazing diversity of sustainably farmed products.  Good Life Farm is certified organic, and we share this value with our collaborating producers.  By participating in our collaborative endeavor- the Good Life CSA+- you're supporting our families and our farm ecology.  


Black Pearl Creamery (Grass-fed Sheep's Milk Yogurt)

Black Pearl Creamery is a small, family-owned sheep dairy in Trumansburg NY run by Lauren and Kevin McKinzey. We raise our flock of East Friesian sheep on pasture and local organic grains with great care and affection to ensure the health and happiness of our animals and their production of fresh, high quality milk. Our sheep produce a rich, creamy milk, which we process by hand in small batches, and the result is an incredible yogurt that we think you will love!

Crooked Carrot Farm & Kitchen (Lacto Pickles and Preserves)

At the Crooked Carrot, we believe that great food not only tastes fantastic, but also supports personal, community, and ecological health in the bioregion in which it was produced. Our hand-packed, live culture
pickles are made with traditional fermentation techniques using fresh ingredients from our farm and the strong community of growers within 30 miles of Ithaca, NY.

Double E Forest Farm (Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms)
We are owners and stewards 70 acres of mature hardwood forest in Willseyville, New York. Our primary crop is shiitake mushroom grown from logs that are carefully selected and cut from our woodlots to maintain forest health. We also produce oyster and lion's mane mushrooms, sustainably harvested wild leeks (ramps), and fiddlehead ferns. In addition we operate a licensed New York State nursery specializing in native plants and trees.

Early Morning Farm (Vegetable CSA)
Our farm comes together with community members as shared stakeholders in the success of local, sustainable food production.

Early Morning Farm began in 1999 with 3 acres of land, 3 friends and 1 garden-sized rototiller. The farm is now one of the largest and most successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in Central New York. CSA share members purchase a share of the harvest each growing season, and receive fresh organic vegetables each week. This arrangement brings the farm and it’s members together as shared stakeholders in the production of local and sustainable food. Eaters and farmers are connected each week by sharing in the harvest together.


Felicia's Atomic Lounge and Cupcakery (Cupcakes)

Felicia’s Atomic Lounge and Cupcakery is a trendy bar that offers a light bite, a sweet treat, Sunday brunch, and fabulously creative cocktails, all with a little help from local farmers, winemakers, brewers, and distillers. 

Finch Farm (Lamb)

Finch Farm is perched on a ridge halfway between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. We, the people of Finch Farm, do our very best to nurture and nourish the land beneath our feet and the interwoven communities – plant, animal, and human - that sustain us.

We raise Katahdin sheep – a breed developed in Maine and selected for outstanding parasite resistance, excellent mothering instincts, and the ability to thrive on forage. Our flock lives outside year-round, and it is 100% grass-fed.

Our lambs are born in the spring, just as the world turns green again, and they are raised entirely on their mothers’ milk and the diverse grasses and other plants of our certified organic pastures.

We slaughter the lambs ourselves, right here on the farm – sparing them the stress of being loaded onto a truck and handled by strangers. We then take the carcasses to an expert custom butcher to be cut and wrapped. Katahdin sheep are known for producing lean, meaty carcasses, and their meat is mild and delicious.

Fulton and Dodge (Maple Syrup)
Great friends of the Good Lifer's, Tim Dodge and Jason Fulton are both able mechanics, firemen, farmers and maple syrup producers! They tap trees all over Trumansburg in February and March, and provide us with this amazing taste of the forest all year long.

Greyrock Matt

Greyrock Farm (Organic Eggs)
A local, year-round, diversified CSA that includes seasonal vegetables and storage crops, grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured pork and chicken, unpasteurized milk, and eggs from pastured laying hens? That's the Greyrock Farm CSA.

Hemlock Grove Farm (Organic Apples w/ GLF)
Hemlock Grove Farm grows delicious organic apples in Danby, NY. Our farming philosophy focuses on the safest growing methods available, to protect the health of apple eaters and the natural environment alike.

High Point Horns

High Point Farms (Grass-fed Beef)
Owners Bob and Tina MacCheyne of High Point Farms, LLC are looking forward to providing you with high quality, healthy, grass-fed meats through Good Life Farm CSA.

High Point Farms is a sustainable pasture-based meat farm in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY. We specialize in raising high quality grass-fed, grass-finished beef. No antibiotics or growth hormones are given to any of the animals. All the animals are treated humanely in a stress free environment and raised outside! Resulting in some of the most flavorful meat you have ever tasted! 

High Point Farms, LLC is committed to providing our customers with high quality grass-fed beef as nature intended – and as our ancestors enjoyed!

Interbrook Farm (Pastured Pork and Pastured, Organic Grain-Fed Chicken)
Located in Interlaken, NY, we are a small diversified farm focusing in livestock, beans, grain, vegetables, and herb production. The goals of our farm are rooted in an environmental and social consciousness, guiding us towards management practices that build soil health and fertility, benefit the surrounding environment, afford our livestock the health and respect they deserve and result in a natural product which is both affordable to our community and allows us a livelihood.

Ithaca Coffee Company prides itself on its coffee!  Our mission is to purchase coffee from farms that represent a seasonally evolving selection from across the coffee-growing world.  We roast each coffee using specifically designed protocols that highlight the inherent quality of the bean while bringing clarity and balance to the finished coffee.  We preserve the freshness of our coffee by roasting in small batches and packaging daily.  We have been certified as an organic coffee roaster since 2010.  Our canned coffees may be ordered as ground coffee, with the exception of Red Rooster Espresso and microlot coffees.  All other coffee is offered as whole bean only.  If you would like your order of canned coffee to be ground, please indicate that in a message along with your order.

Peach Blossom Creations (Ghee)

Peach Blossom Creations, based in Ithaca, is a small woman-run company that creates value-added products for health and sustenance, using only local and highest quality ingredients.  Known especially for her skills making ghee, Carolyn “Peaches” Lyon, also spends lots of time in the kitchen and the garden, preserving the fruits of the harvest into tasty edibles, among many other things.

Red Tail Farm (Vegetables)
Red Tail Farm is the home of Teresa Vanek and Brent Welch, and their two wonderful boys. We are glad to work with them! They sell primarily at the Saturday and Tuesday Ithaca Farmer's Markets- Products: Raw honey, organic vegetables, berries and herbs, specializing in heirloom types, cut flowers and eggs, vegetable and flower transplants.

Small World Foods (Miso and Garlic Paste)

Delicious & Nourishing: We use fresh, natural ingredients in everything we make to provide the best tasting, most nourishing food possible. Drawing on both traditional old-world baking practices as well as a modern understanding of the science behind them, we work hard to bring out the flavor and nutrition in every item.  Our sauces and vegetable ferments are naturally fermented & never pasteurized, full of amazing flavor & live, active, pro-biotic cultures.  Made from produce hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, these traditional foods bring the bounty of the fields to your dining table.

Local & Organic:  We use ingredients that are grown organically by local farmers, or made by local businesses. Ecologically-grown food is safer and healthier for our bodies, for the farmers, and for the earth. For ingredients that are not produced in the region, we use third-party certification to ensure that their production follows organic and/or fair trade standards.

Collective Ownership: As a worker cooperative, our business is owned and run by the people who work here. Our money stays in the local community, and we're all invested in the success of our business. We are always looking to expand the collective and invite potential new members to visit us at market, or to email or call about available positions.

Education and Community: We work to teach people about food and farming by answering questions at our booth at the farmers' market, through on-site workshops and classes, and especially via our Internship Program.  Our Internship Program is designed for those who want to commit to work for a single season in exchange for an in-depth bread making experience.  Please call or email to inquire about open positions.

Small World offers regular volunteer opportunities for members of the community interested in working hands-on with our products and learning both from us and with us.

We partner with local non-profits, community groups, and businesses who share our commitment to and love for Rochester.

Three Stone Farm (Vegetables)
Good Life Farm's right across the street neighbors!

We started Three Stone Farm In 2008 on 60 acres of land in Interlaken, New York, in the beautiful Finger Lakes.

We currently manage a little over 2 acres of mixed vegetables, with the rest of the tillable land in a small orchard, animal pastures, hay, and some crop shared grain fields with our neighbors at Interbrook Farm.

We are a family that chooses to live and work simply and sustainably. We are not certified but maintain our farm in keeping with sustainable practices. We are off-grid and committed to staying small-scale, diverse and local; and to produce the best of food for our friends and neighbors.

Wide Awake Bakery (Fresh, Local Bread and Cookies)
We are the Wide Awake Bakery. We partner with Ochsner Farms in Newfield and with Farmer Ground Flour in Enfield, to make truly great bread from locally grown and ground organic grains. We ferment our doughs with care and time—usually more than 30hrs—shape our loaves by hand, and we bake them in our wood-fired oven. It’s real bread. Honest bread.

We also make unique pastas that you’ll never find anywhere else—sourdough linguini, for example—we hand laminate an array of ravishing pastries, and we make granolas that folks find scary close to addicting. And then there are those cookies!

No preservatives, additives, dough conditioners, artificial anything. It’s real food made right.

Wolftree Farm (Pasture-raised Lamb)
Wolftree Farm is located on the eastern slopes of Seneca Lake. We raise organic blueberries, honeybees, poultry and sheep. We strive to honor the natural and human history of our surrounding landscape by working towards a sustainable farming future. We embrace the principles of organic agriculture and limit outside inputs as we build resilient soils, crops and livestock. We farm at a scale that our land and our labor can support, choosing new enterprises with care. The fields and forests at Wolftree support our growing herd of 100% grassfed Icelandic sheep year round through a rotation of grazing and hay making.