Good Life Grass-Fed Beef:  Direct to You!


We have several like-minded friends raising high quality grass-fed beef.  If you are still looking, contact us and we'll put you in touch!

Why a Quarter or Half?

Many reasons, but two main ones.

For you:  The best price you can get for local, grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

For us and the cows:  Good Life cows have a lovely, 100% grass-fed life and we want this to go right to the end.  By pre-selling you a part of an animal, we can do an on-farm kill with no transport, holding or stress, and keep our commitment to the good life for all on the farm.

What you get

Quarter:  Approx 75-100 lb of packaged meat, depending on the live (hanging) weight of the animal from which your quarter comes.

Half:  Approx 150-200 lb of packaged meat, with more choices for organs, etc., than you will get with a quarter.

Cost: Quarters v. Halves

We have slightly tiered pricing by quantity ordered – a half is lots more meat, but if your family will eat 160-200lb beef in a year, this is the way to go!  Quarters are great for couples and small families and light meat eaters.  Halves are perfect for large families and frequent beef eaters.

Quarters are $5/lb; halves are $4.75/lb of carcass weight (the weight of the dressed animal hanging in the cooler at the butcher’s before cutting). This goes along with selling you an on-farm animal to allow for on-farm kill and direct sales to you, and covers cost of on-farm kill, butcher, transport, packaging, and delivery to your chosen site.

What all this means...

We raise 100% grass-fed beef, with lovely-stocky-hardy old-school Angus cows.  And because we like to do this all at home, we've elected to go with the custom-butcher option, meaning the animals have a quick on-farm kill with no stress from transport and holding at the slaughter house.  Because of this method, we must sell these animals as live units and arrange the butchering for you.


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By phone:  call Melissa at (607) 351-3313