We're looking for a few Good Questions... so keep 'em comin'!  

Q.  What are my options for the CSA+?

A. We have regularly scheduled Winter CSA+ deliveries starting Thursday (12/4) and you can do 2 things with these: you can order a la carte items from the entire store AND you can sign up for specific subscriptions (shares) of items you want to receive regularly without having to order each time.  For example, you might want bread and greens every time we deliver (every other week) but only want to order a chicken every so often.  So, you would sign up for a bread share and a greens share and then, up to the Tuesday before each delivery, you could just add a chicken, or dried mushrooms,  or pickles, a la carte from the same WebShop.   Not all items are set up as shares, which is why it might be useful to use the Shares link to view those specifically.  All items are also available a la carte.

Q. Can I pay for my share at my pick up location?

A. We do not accept payment onsite, for these reasons... We have many drop sites in a route, so we do not staff nor return to our sites the day of delivery.  Our hosts are graciously letting us use their space, and we do not ask them to do monetary exchange and management.  You can pay for your share with a credit card by shopping for it using the WebShop, or with a check by using our Share Check Form.

Q.  What happens if I forget to pick up my share on my Distribution day?

A.  Usually, you can grab it the next morning.  However, we DO NOT encourage alternate arrangements other than the set delivery day because we are delivering frozen and perishable items.  Our system is set to maintain quality for the duration of the site's distribution period, but we cannot guarantee this beyond our pick up day and set hours.  Please contact Melissa (melissa@thegoodlifefarm.org; (607) 351 3313) to schedule a Vacation Hold before your distribution!

Q.  What if I ordered the wrong thing or I change my mind?


  • If you alert us by email BEFORE Wednesday at noon of delivery week, we can usually fix this. 
  • If you alert us after orders are packed and on the truck, it is very hard for us to fix but we will do our best until 8am on Thursday. 
  • If you alert us after you have picked up your share, we cannot offer a swap. 

Part of our program relies on our drop sites being "unstaffed", which means we can't effect a swap day-of distribution.  To keep our prices at a CSA level and our delivery service free, we count on effective communication about your changes well before distribution.  If we make a mistake, we will fix it through an additional delivery, a future swap or a reimbursement.

Q.  How can I change my share during the season?

A.  We do rely on the "Share" commitment between you, the customer, and us, the farmers, to ensure the financial stability of this operation.  The difference between "Shares" and A La Carte items is that we hope you'll choose a share or few for the season, and supplement with any of the items on our WebShop before each delivery date.  Of course, you can change if you need to, but please consider what we've said about how shares help both before signing up and before changing.  To make a change, email Melissa (melissa@thegoodlifefarm.org) with your current share and how you'd like to change it.  


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