Greetings and Welcome to Good Life’s CSA+!

Please take a moment to read through these Agreements, as they form the basis of our long and successful relationship.  Our goal in providing this is to create trust and consistency, avoid miscommunication and dissatisfaction on either end!

Membership Is…

GLF’s CSA+ is a commitment to a bi-monthly array of shares and a la carte items delivered to your neighborhood drop.  We want to serve a dedicated group of members who’ve committed to us, and we’re committed to you.  This means our production is driven by your preferences and we count on consistent sales similar to a pre-sold share to maintain this relationship.

Signing Up

  • Period: The CSA+ takes rolling sign ups until each share is full.  Members order any combination of shares that match your household needs.
  • Contact Info and Site Choice: To start receiving your biweekly CSA+ choices, we need you to give us your contact info and Choose a Pick Up Site, located at CSA+ Delivery Locations.  You will do this when you check out for the first time, or you can email us this info.
  • Delivery Considerations: We do not currently enforce a minimum sign up, nor do we currently assess a delivery charge.  However, we ask you to participate in the success of the CSA+ with a minimum order value of $20/delivery (includes the sum of all shares and a la carte at each delivery).  This will help us maintain a balance with our costs and effort to get your food to you, on time, every time!


NOTE: All payments are requested prior to delivery, via the online option or in the mail.  We DO NOT accept payment at our pick up sites, for the sake of both our hosts and our own record keeping.

  • Online Payment: We take Credit Cards via our online store
  • Regular Checks still accepted!  Members can email us your order to receive an invoice, which you can pay by Check or Credit Card.
  • Cash not preferred: We’ll accept cash as a last resort, but we don’t prefer it.  Cash is harder to track for accounting ease on our end.

Pick Ups

  • All pick-ups are scheduled when you sign up.  Please choose your drop site based on your proximity and time availability.  Click here for our Schedule and Locations info.
  • We ask that you respect the pick-up times.  Our hosts have dedicated that time to check on distribution and we want this to be easy for them.  If your first choice site does not work for you time-wise, please choose one that does.  

Neighborhood Hosts

Our neighborhood hosts are assisting Good Life Farm in growing our business and creating a great opportunity for small farmer and community gatherings.  We thank you!  Hosts provide a site that is easily accessed by car for 10- 20 members to collectively pick up their shares.  We do not encourage alternate arrangements with the hosts outside of set times.

Refunds and Cancellation

  • Week off/Cancellation: Members can request a delivery hold for time you are gone, and this will be held as a credit in your CSA+ account.  This credit can be used towards more shares or shopping a la carte on the Web Shop.  Cancellations must be sent to within 24 hours of order submission. 
  • Spoiled food will be fully refunded ONLY IF communicated within 12 hours of the delivery to

Missed Pick-Up/Change of Delivery

  • Change of Delivery: We can accommodate mid-season changes for delivery IF we know in writing 1 week prior.  Please send your request to
  • Missed Pick Ups: Without appropriate prior notice, we cannot accommodate missed pick-ups.  Please consider finding a friend to pick up for you if you have a last minute change.

Packaging: Box and Bag Return

  • Wax Boxes: Pre-Packed shares for the Spring CSA will come in wax boxes, which are valuable to us (they cost $1+ each).  Please take care when opening not to rip off the tabs, and return at your next delivery.
  • Freezer Bags:  Are our way of ensuring proper transport storage of CSA+ items like frozen meat.  Please return these!  They will be labeled with your name for our record keeping.


All pre-packed orders will be clearly labeled for you alone.  Please check to make sure you have the right order!

Vacations (yours)

Please let us know when you will be out of town so we don’t drop you from our CSA+!

Down Weeks (ours)

                Yearly, we’ll take off 2-3 weeks around Christmas and New Year’s.  Otherwise, we’re here for you!

Communication and Feedback

We prefer communication to come well ahead of time if it involves a change in order or delivery.  Please send requests to as soon as you know your needs…  Phone is second choice for communication, but is an option: (607) 351 3313.

Please, give us feedback!  We want this to work for you!  Our hope is that you will choose to get ever more of your food from us and our family of farms.  Feedback can ALWAYS be sent to


Your privacy is of utmost importance.  We will never sell our list, or share your email with non-associated producers.  We do share your contact info with other GLF CSA+ producers from whom you’ve made a prior purchase.  Please let us know if you have concerns about this.


Our food is local, delicious, incredibly fresh and nutritious and produced with utmost attention to ecology, animal welfare and organic considerations.  Please ask us about it.  We and our producer family are excited to share our farms and businesses with you and your family.

Thank you…

                …for choosing us!  We look forward to sharing our food and farms with you for years to come.