Good Life CSA+ 2016: Full Diet, hyper-local, organic, grass-fed

Ordering is Closed for 03/09/2016 Deliveries

Delivering to Ithaca-Auburn-Syracuse

For our March deliveries, we offer bulk options of meat, dairy, fruit and a delightful selection of Add-On's.  By buying in larger quantities, you get better pricing and free delivery!  You also make it possible for us to offer our CSA+ service on behalf of our farm and our collaborating producers- all of us small farms with great year-round products!

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CSA+ options for March 9th

Ordering is closed for this Delivery Cycle.

Please Contact Us to get on our list for next time!

Organic APPLES (Good Life Farm and HemLock Grove)

1/2 bu (17 lb) and full bushel (38 lb).  Prices $31-76 (prices by weight)

More info on variety pricing, see ORDER SHEET.

GoldRush: King of the winter apple. Seriously our best storage apple; tart, crisp and firm, golden yellow.  A modern disease-resistant apple variety related to Golden Delicious, with crisp hard flesh and a good sugar / acid balance. Great for fresh eating, juice and cooking/baking.

Ida Red: This old-fashioned variety is excellent for baking, pies and sauce. The apples hold their shape perfectly, but make delicious soft and tender pies. They have a mild sweet-tart flavor and are extremely juicy.

Melrose: Large and slightly squat in shape, Melrose apples are a dusky red over a yellow-green background. Firm and pleasingly coarse in texture, this apple's creamy white flesh is juicy with a sweet and mildly tart flavor that becomes more floral and aromatic with age.

Pastured+organic PORK (Interbrook Farm)

30 lb, mixed cuts, $250 ($8.33/lb).

Your bundle will include approximately 30 lbs of meat, depending on the size of the roasts in your bundle. You pay $250, averaging $8.33/lb of packaged weight; this incorporates the differing prices of cuts and roasts. This covers cost of butcher, transport, packaging and delivery to your chosen site.You will receive a variety of cuts from the pig as well as some ground pork and sausages. For more info on these cuts, check out this guide: Getting to know pork cuts

  • Butt Roast, approximately 3#
  • Shoulder Roast, approximately 3#
  • Italian and Breakfast Sausages
  • Ground Pork
  • Sliced Deli Ham
  • Country Ribs
  • Smoked Bacon



Grassfed+organic LAMB (Wolftree Farm)

~12 lb of mixed cuts, $150 ($10.42/lb)

Your bundle will include approximately 12 lbs of meat, depending on the size of the roast. You will receive a variety of cuts as well as some ground lamb and sausage. Included in your bundle:

  • Rib and Loin Chops
  • Ground Lamb
  • Stew Cubes
  • Leg Roast
  • Lamb Sausage
  • Shanks



1/2 bu @ $37.50 and 1 bu @ $75

Orleans: A Beauregard-type sweet potato with a pleasant and familiar orange flesh and skin, and a sweet, moderately moist flesh that has many uses.

Bonita: A white-fleshed variety with pinkish skin and sweet flavor.

Sweet potatoes store well at room temperature!  A bushel will sit happily in your kitchen while you use it up over the next month or two! 



Organic Cheese Sampler (Engelbert Farms)

5 x 8oz packages of cheese, $43

  • Cheddar- aged over 60 days
  • Gouda- creamy with a natural rind
  • Moovache- smooth and spreadable, like chevre
  • Feta- tangy, salty, crumbly
  • Moochego- beer-brined hard cheese, smooth and creamy


Good Life Soda: Ginger Bear or Switchel

$60 for Ginger Bear.  Good Life's organic ginger, citrus, honey.

$72 for Switchel.  Good Life's apple cider vinegar, honey, maple syrup, ginger.

Good Life Cider: mix-n-match 6

10% off retail price with 6 mixed hard ciders (must be 21 to order)

  • Cazenovia.  Off-dry, champagne-style. Austere acidity backed with soft, round tannins, ending with a hint of caraway. Fresh, ripe pear on the nose. Creamy mouthfeel from natural fermentation in bottle.  Pairs well with rich foods.  $17/bottle
  • Cider Nouveau.  Semi-dry, sparkling.  A young, fruit-forward early season release of 2015 apples, with a subtle blend of 2014 barrel-aged cider as a balance to the fresh acidity.  Vibrant and crisp.  $15/bottle
  • Glacial Till.  Ice Cider. Layers of smoke, caramel and oak.  Bursting with warmth, yet refreshing.  Ripe with apple spirit.  $26/bottle

More info on our Good Life Ciders at our Finger Lakes Cider House cider menu.

Add-On's when you buy a CSA+ Bulk Item

Good Life Farm Mixed Winter Greens, packed with flavor and nutrients. 0.75# for $7

Miso or Fermented Garlic Paste from Small World Foods for a pro-biotic pick-me-up.  $5

Dried Shiitake Caps from Double E Forest Farm to add an umami punch. 1 oz for $5.25

Maple Syrup from our friends over at Fulton and Dodge for a sweet treat. Half Pint for $10

Dried savory herbs- basil, sage, savory and thyme- from Interbrook Farm to boost the flavor. 1 oz $4.75- 5.25


Order Questions? Contact:

Melissa Madden

(607) 351 3313