Ahhh..... Winter! So far, 2014 is a REAL REAL Winter.

January is full of snow play and work... particularly getting our new cows settled into interesting woods nooks and testing out some winter grazing from grass we'd stockpiled (ie not grazed nor mowed) since July.  

Photo Diary of GLF's 2014 early January

Fortuna in the snow1.jpg
Maybelle and Arthur in the snow.jpg

For the two above: Top photo: Fortuna, Maybelle's 2012 daughter.  Just above: Maybelle and Arthur.

Below, the process of adding some rails to our perimeter fence to get the cows into the woods for winter protection and eventual silvopasture management.  First- splittling logs for rails with some canine friends looking on.  Second and third- Garrett works on opening a new gate and adding locust braces to create an opening into the woods.

splitting a fence rail with friends1.jpg
forest fence building.jpg
fences down with cows.jpg

And lastly, the fun of bringing hay to cows with horses.  All in the family...

hay to cows with horses, snow!.jpg

and Weeeee!  Wheeeeee! Leo and Betsy and me!