'Tis Organic Apple Season!

Good Greetings!

Our joint Good Life Farm + Hemlock Grove Apple Shares are up for the Fall season!  Delight your family with a weekly or biweekly 10 lbs of fresh, organic apples!

Season's line UP:

Early Apples (til mid-September)

  • Paula Red  Tart but sweet, juicy and crisp, with a lovely white flesh. They're perfect for eating out of hand and makes a superb applesauce with little to no sugar additions required! Leave the skins on for a sauce with a beautiful pink hue.
  • Red Free  Great for eating out of hand. It is less sweet than Paula Red but will still make a great sauce. The flesh is barely off-white with plenty of crispness to it. Try slicing and drying this apple for a real treat!
  • Akane  Great for eating and cooking as it holds its shape well.  Suggested to be one of the best early apples. Cherry red in color and somewhat small in size with a sweet and mild flavor. Look for a bit of russeting on the shoulders and a pleasant crunch with each bite.
  • Burgundy  As it's name suggests, this apple is deeply colored with a purple-red skin that often bleeds color onto the flesh. The flavor is intense like the color and pleasingly tart.
  • Honeycrisp  Medium-large fruit, mottles and striped red over yellow. Cream-colored flesh is sweet and juicy with hard snapping-crisp texture. Best for fresh eating and holds well in cold storage.

Early-Mid Season (mid to late Sept)

  • McIntosh  Small- to medium-sized round fruit with a short stem. Macs have a vivid red skin brushed with bright green that is thick, tender, and easy to peel. Its white flesh is sometime tinged with green or pink and is juicy, tender, and firm. Great for fresh eating as well as cooking.
  • Sweet 16  Fine-textured crisp flesh contains an unusually complex combination of sweet, nutty and spicy flavors with slight anise essence, sometimes described as cherry, vanilla or even bourbon. Truly excellent fresh eating and also highly rated for cooking. Round-conic bronze-red medium-sized fruit, lightly striped red over yellow with cream-colored flesh. Keeps well in cold storage.
  • Scarlet O'Hara  Fruit is round-conic, full blushed red, sweet and juicy.  Medium storage life, delicious and perfect for fresh eating all Fall.
  • Liberty  Liberty is a handsome medium-sized, round-conic shaped red apple, with white flesh. It is juicy, crisp and has a sharp, mildly tart flavor. Fabulous for fresh eating and juice. It can be processed into a beautiful pinkish applesauce.

Mid to Late Season (early October)

  • Jonagold  If you're looking for a juicy apple, this one is it! Jonagold is a cross between sweet Golden Delicious and tart Jonathan, developed in Geneva, NY. These two parents produced an apple with a wonderful balanced sweetness - a honey flavor with a hint of tartness. This fluffy, crisp and juicy apple is great for eating, baking and sauce. Jonagolds make great fried apples; simply saute in coconut oil and add a little cinnamon.
  • Empire  Empire apples are red, juicy and crisp with a nice blend of sweet and tart. This tree, also developed in Geneva, NY, is a cross between the varieties Macintosh and Red Delicious. Empire apples are excellent for eating and salads, and good for sauce, baking, pies and freezing.
  • Enterprise  These apples are tart with a hint of sweetness, very firm, and are sometimes described as “spicy.” Their skin is a beautiful deep purple-red, although it is a tad on the thick side, and their flavor is excellent. Enterprises are great for slicing up and eating fresh, or use their firmness and tart flavor to enhance pies and other deserts! Makes for a superb storage apple.
  • Hudson's Golden Gem  Considered to be one of the best russeted apples, Gems are sweet, nutty, and distinctly pear-like in their texture and flavor. They are conical in shape, and their yellow skin is partially to mostly covered by russeting and sometimes sports a copper red blush. The original Gem was a chance seedling discovered in a fence row in Oregon; it was introduced for sale in 1931.
  • Tompkins County King  An antique variety popularized by Kingtown Orchards in Tompkins County in the early 1800‘s. Called the King of apples for its size and flavor, it was the fourth most popular variety in New York in the early 1900‘s. Considered by many to be the finest apple ever, it is crisp, course, sweet and juicy, with a real antique apple flavor. Unexcelled fresh eating quality and highly prized for sauce, pie and cider making.
  • Spigold  Spigold is a large apple, with red streaks over a yellow-green background. It is juicy and dense, with a sweet complex aromatic flavor that combines the best qualities of Northern Spy and Golden Delicious.

Late Season and Storage Apples (late Oct thru Winter)

  • Melrose  Large and slightly squat in shape, Melrose apples are a dusky red over a yellow-green background. Firm and pleasingly coarse in texture, this apple's creamy white flesh is juicy with a sweet and mildly tart flavor that becomes more floral and aromatic with age.
  • Northern Spy  An antique New York state apple, Northern Spy was originally discovered around 1800 in East Bloomfield. It became very popular for its juicy tart flavor and reputation as the best apple for making pies. Northern Spy apples are variably colored from green to red, and thin skinned. They store well, and are an all-purpose apple, good for fresh eating, cider making, and of course, excellent for pies!
  • Baldwin  Popular old American apple variety, widely grown for culinary use, and a good keeper. Its inherent hardness makes it an exceptionally good pie apple as it maintains it’s crispness through the baking process. This juicy, firm, sweet to mildly tart winter apple is also great for fresh eating.
  • Golden Delicious  :  Golden Delicious is an 1890’s heirloom with exceptional sweet flavor and silky, tender skin with creamy-crisp juicy flesh. This is one of our favorite apples to snack on while working out in the orchard, and it is also good for baking and sauce. Reduce the sugar in your recipe when using this apple.
  • Florina  Medium to large fruit, skin very attractive, purple red covering almost completely the yellow background. Flesh is medium firm and aromatic, a blend of sweet and tart, used mainly for fresh eating.
  • Gold Rush  This is an attractive smooth-skinned modern dessert apple, with a crisp hard flesh and good sugar/acid balance.  The flavor is typical of Golden Delicious but with a bit more acidity.  Juicy apple that keeps well and makes for excellent snacks, pies, sauce, and juice.
  • Golden Russet  Golden Russet is a small moderately attractive apple, which keeps well, and is very versatile for eating, cooking or juicing.  The flavor is typical of a russet apple but rather more intense than the traditional English St. Edmunds Russet or Egremont Russet - usually considered one of the best-flavored American russet apples.
  • Mutsu  These apples are sweet, crisp, juicy and refreshing. Their skin is green to yellow, and they tend to be large in size. Mutsus are an excellent multi-purpose apple, and can be eaten fresh, baked, or turned into applesauce. Mutsu apples can sometimes be found marketed under the name Crispin.
  • Esopus Spitzenberg  One of the great American apple varieties, thought to be Thomas Jefferson's favorite. Widely used for both dessert and culinary purposes. Noted for its spicy flavor, and for its susceptibility to any and every disease afflicting apples. Flavor improves with storage.
  • Ida Red  This old-fashioned variety is excellent for baking, pies and sauce. The apples hold their shape perfectly, but make delicious soft and tender pies. They have a mild sweet-tart flavor and are extremely juicy.
  • Fuji  Fuji is well known apple developed in Japan in the 1940’s. It has a predominantly sweet, mild flavor and is refreshingly juicy and crisp. It is a very pretty apple, with pink, speckled skin and creamy colored flesh, and is best used as a fresh eating apple.
  • Roxbury Russet  Probably the first apple variety originating in North America, as a seedling from a variety brought from Europe by early settlers.  Although it has some tartness it is like all russets a fundamentally sweet apple.