Spring CSA Explained!

In time for St. Patty's day, we bring you our Spring Green!

Spring CSA explained.  We’ve been fielding a number of questions about how the new CSA+ project fits into rest of our story… one of my favorites is when we meet new folks, and they ask “but is Good Life really a Farm?”  In some ways, the CSA+ looks like a distribution business, and I believe that the CSA+ is probably confusing even to those of you who’ve grown with us, but that one is especially funny for me.  So, here are the basic deets on what we’re doing, and why.

If you’re looking to join the Spring CSA of olde, the CSA+ is the way in!
For our Spring Green aficionados, we have two Vegetable options, which pair really well with each other (no overlap) and with any of the rest of our extensive list of Shares!  They are:

  • Green and Fresh (April 2 start date is full, but pro-rated for rolling starts- sign up quick)!  This share is the most like the Good Life CSA formerly known as “Spring”… based on our greens, on heads of early stuff and on Asparagus!  Check it out.
  • Spring Roots (still taking full Spring members).  A truly wonderful mix of roots to fill out your veggies needs.  Always contains carrots, sweet potatoes and onions.  Then we rotate in Watermelon and Daikon Radishes, Cabbage, Kohlrabi and a few other choice roots, for diversity  and delicious-ness!