Good Life Farm Diary: Trials, Tribulations and Success with Greens vs. a Changeable NE Winter

January 6, 2015

Trying to harvest for CSA deliveries on Thursday... Today we watched the sun arc slowly and southerly across the sky- it peeped out about noon and engendered great hope that the thawing and refreshing process would commence and succeed in the tunnels. Generally in a cold Winter, there are 1 or 2 days in a week when there is enough sun and resulting solar gain in our passive tunnels to thaw and revitalize our hardy greens mix. Think of the temperature shifts in your car, turned off, based on sun exposure. We don't raise greens in a heated environment- we rely on solar gain in plastic tunnels, we select hardy varieties that can stand to be frozen and thawed repeatedly in the winter, and we harvest ONLY when the complete thawing and waking up cycle has finished. That means that tunnels need a few hours of direct solar gain to overcome temperatures outside, and the best, exciting part is that they can do it! With SUN, passive tunnels can overcome single digit and negative temps! With no sun, as in now, we can't combat even 20's and teens. So... we await the SUNNY few precious hours of Friday. You can bet your bottom dollar that we will be watching, waiting, and HARVESTING FOR YOU! as soon as we are able.

January 9, 2015

We DID harvest greens successfully yesterday and we WILL deliver them to your site tomorrow, Saturday 1/10!  Interestingly, even with all the sun yesterday, only the southern rows in each tunnel were harvestable by 1pm (tunnels run East to West to take advantage of low southern winter suns, thank goodness!).