Photos of Destruction... and the dreamed future.

crew on roof.jpg

Good Life Farm is undergoing a make-over, with great anticipation towards the future.  The experience on a daily basis is a maniacal rotation between great foresighted hope and muddy loud booming change.  

West side new dormers.jpg
East Wing Barn demo.jpg

What are we doing?  We are rebuilding our original barn (built by Garrett, his brother Jimmy and assorted wonderful helpers in 2009)... which as many who've visited over the past 5 years know, we haven't yet finished.  Now, we're making way for cider production and sales, farm product retail, and amenities for the sake of us and our crew.

Why are we doing this?  Because we want to take this thing- and what is this thing, really?- as far as we can.  We want to make it possible to stay farming in a way that feeds us, improves our land and makes a liviliehood for us and our collaborators.  We're excited to do this with our youth, and we're grateful to all of those who are with us along the way.  

Right now, it looks like crazy-making.  But stick it out with us, and we'll see where we can go- on behalf of good food, great community and a way forward through it all.

Concrete planks.jpg
sunrise with crane.jpg