Greeting friendly Prunus persica lovers...

testing the Vivid.jpg

I want to thank you for both your quick-like-lightning peach orders, and your patience as I work through the waitlist that initial newsletter inspired.  The sum of the story is that the previous and incredible winter we all survived did not leave all fruit buds intact on many Northeastern fruits, notably peaches.  We are limited in all varieties, and completely lacking in a few ('Vivid', for one).

So, I write to you all- both those who have received an order and those who await...

To those awaiting peaches:

 You are receiving this because you are still on my list, and we see a progression of 

"Redstar', 'Contender', 'Madison''



 still to come.  Please hang tight... and feel free to confirm your order.  I will likely be emailing you a day to two days in advance when your order is up.

To those who've received some or all of your order: 

Please feel free to check back in if you have a partial order waiting, or so see if we have more. 

Pick up options will look like this from now on:

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays: noon- 6pm at IthacaMade
  • Tuesday-Fridays: noon- 6pm at Good Life Farm
  • order for your CSA+ pick up location

We love feeding you our cherished fruit.  We love growing it, we love eating it, we love trees and we thank you for supporting our orchard,

Melissa for GLF everything