Apple and Asian Pear boxes!

Golden Russett ripening through September.jpg

In our ongoing search for stability, predictability and congeniality, we're merging Apple CSA forces with Hemlock Grove Farm in West Danby!  Hemlock Grove is two carefully tended orchards and three great people- Amy Garbincus, Melissa Smith and Brian Caldwell. They've been our mentors for years in the organic apple realm, they're featured at our favorite site- Grow Organic Apples- for amazing organic management inspiration, and we've been chewing over how to better support one another for a few seasons too... running small farms with limited production, high management needs and weird harvest schedules is often a funny fit for a CSA.  This year, both GLF and Hemlock Grove are experiencing low yields due the previous crazy abundance of 2013 and the following deep, long winter.  Trees need their break too!

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So we're joining forces this year, looking to keep our members happy and supplied while keeping ourselves sane and creating future stability.  If you're looking for our fruit, check it out as one of the many offerings of the Good Life CSA+...

Here's a glimpse of what we're offering as a combined unit:

Fruit Shares

  • Regular Deliveries: Weekly and Biweekly (depending on location)
  • A mix of our tree-ripened, certified organic Apples and Asian Pears
  • $1.80/lb
  • Plays well with other CSA+ shares…

Bulk Fruit Orders

  • By-the-Bushel
  • By-the-Half Bushel
  • One time deliveries
  • As yield allows- preorder needed
  • $1.80/lb
  • Pairs well with CSA+ shares and A La Carte Items