Good Life July... Where Do Turtles Go?

The beauty of the reptiles, the invertebrates, the amphibians... what does it take to make a little place for amphibians?  To date, a great feeling of success in the Good Life farming adventure derives from the absolute buzzing chirruping soaring noise that is nighttime here.   We want our farm to be a place alive!  And it feels worth pointing out that this can run contrary to absolute farming efficiency and by-the-pound yield calculations.  Ecosystems services aren't even so much about reducing the use of pesticides or gas and they certainly aren't one single metric of success.  In 2014, we're celebrating increased ecosystem function at GLF and the choice to co-habitate with a functional ecosystem and all the complexity that accompanies such- a thousand blooms.   At Asparaganza, we had a fun time wearing our Asparagoggles as part of the Good Life harvest trick we use to sight those delicious spring spears amongst their groundcover of alfalfa, clover, grass and sometimes thistle ;)- plants which are deep-rooted and good for the soil, and which harbor beneficial insects (ladybugs love thistle).  Then in June, we found an abundance of tree frogs, and a painted turtle just awaiting....  Please enjoy this ecological moment with us.  And perhaps someone wants to come be the official Good Life naturalist...?