Marching Hand in Hand...

First fires.  Cooling weather, cozy first fires of the season ignite!  This evening, I was struck by how much I love that I get free hot water from a pot on my wood stove.  For years now, I’m utterly delighted to be getting two for one- dual purpose warmth feeds my sense of economy, my preferred use of fuel from my own woods, and my hopes for generally putting it all together, simply and functionally.  I know those of you who already knew that fire makes heat are not impressed by this epiphany, but my point is broader- my simple (but true) example intended to illustrate the wonder and inspiration that come when we attempt to take responsibility for our basic, routine needs and then we find that by stacking functions (heating our house, making tea), the sum is greater than the whole (tea, heat, delight in daily tasks).

In this busy time, we struggle to put into elegant words the thoughts that come through the days of work and wander (perhaps a little short on the wander).  In particular, I’ve been chewing over the language that I want to put out about what we’re doing with our farm, our products, and why this is worth participating in.  With Good Life Farm and the CSA+, Garrett and I are trying to build this thing, this ark… which is capable of carrying our business and other, like-minded farms into sustained success.  I appreciate that many of you believe in our mission, or parts of it, and love our farm.  The funny thing about the Good Life Farm’s ecological goal trotting is that we’re a business, and the awkward part for me is asking for money to support our work.  Obviously, we believe in our work- we revel in the stacked functions of the turkeys-orchard-asparagus and cows-pasture-woods reclamation.  We write these newsletters in hopes of continuing to engage you all with the larger story of eco ag on our and related farms, and to place ourselves in the food scene.  Since food is one of those necessary and daily needs, and if eating is an agricultural act, and farming is a political act… then we suggest that our efforts and your support are indeed aimed at our vision for future humans on Earth.  Below, I’m going to share some of the most powerful things that move us, and please don’t think that I believe that our work here is on level with the work of the amazing folks I reference.  Please know instead that we take our inspiration for daily, necessary tasks from these words, and we take our hope for change from the belief that we are together, a force greater than the sum of our parts.  We commit to being a business that is not of “broken morals”, and we encourage you to stay with us on the way… whatever that looks like for you.

I’d like to share the poem from Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner of the Marshall Islands, as read at the Sept. 23rd UN Climate Change Summit.  Below is an excerpt, and here is the link to this amazing, evolving, evocative poem…

…and there are thousands out on the streets
hand in hand
chanting for change NOW

and they’re marching for you, baby
they’re marching for us

because we deserve to do more than just
we deserve
to thrive