The taste of here...

I’m currently reading American Terroir by Rowan Jacobsen, and agree totally with his conclusion that “fall is fruition”.  Our fruition started with peach sales directly to you all throughout August, and I am astounded and honored to report that via your interest and dedication, we moved 90% of our 2,500 lb of peaches directly to you, your kids and your friends.   From what I’m hearing, our fruit is bringing home that sense of abundance and sweetness we all count on for late summer and fall in upstate NY.  The idea of terroir, or taste of place, seems like it may be coming home to GLF in the form of delicious, uniquely divine fruit, happy turkeys and luscious winter salads grown at 10F.  

From American Terroir… “to love food that is real and distinctive- that could not come from anywhere other than where it does- is to love the myriad and dazzling ways that life has adapted to the many landscapes of Earth.  It is to rebel against the flat meaningless of sprawl.” (p. 12)  In so much as we are, or are becoming so, thank you for letting us and our collaborators offer the flavors of our fields and forests to your loved ones.

Below... a peach tree 'Vivid' and our preferred groundcover, all followed up by roaming Thanksgiving Turkeys.