Join Now! Good Life Farm's first ever Spring CSA!

Looking for delicious, early season food?  We’ve got it!  As the sun returns, green food abounds!  For us Spring is an exciting season, when we and our animal entourage return to the fields, orchard and pasture.  This year we’re adding something special to the Good Life mix with our new Spring CSA, and to do it we’re teaming up with friends and fellow producers including Crooked Carrot CSK, Wide Awake Bakery, Wolftree Farm and Double E mushrooms. 

Why a Spring CSA?  What’s with all the other producers? 

Good Life Farm is based on a set of core values, including the tenet “care for the community”.  Through the Spring CSA, we’re creating business relationships that support regional food systems and filling a gap in fresh local food.  

Our area has an abundance of good food during the other three seasons of the year, but we’ve noticed that Spring can be a lean time for local food availability.  Spring is a chancy time to predict growth and yield, and guaranteeing a harvest requires a certain amount of additional infrastructure.  While there are still many unknowns involved in growing primarily fresh vegetables for these lean months, we are ready to go for it! 

Our farm site near Cayuga Lake allows us to harvest earlier than many other regional producers.  Thanks to our early-producing site, our greenhouses, perennial crops, and our relationships with other producers, this Spring CSA offers diverse and nutritious food!  Shares include fresh vegetables, wholesome prepared meals, local pastas and pizza dough, chicken, lamb, honey and shiitake mushrooms.  To make it all work, we offer both on-farm pick-up options and delivery by Garden Gate to selected areas around Ithaca and Trumansburg.  Please see below for more information on share prices, content and pick-up/delivery options.  For us, the Spring CSA is all part of caring for our community.

Share Options

Good Life Core Share

  • March 14- May 30 (12 weeks)
  • $245/share ($20/week)
  • Pick Up Wednesdays, 4:30-7p

(March14- April 25 @ Sweet Land Farm; May 2- 30 @Good Life Farm)

  • Delivery by Garden Gate* Adds $1.50-2.50/week.  Thursdays (March 15- May 31)

*Group Delivery to The Piggery                                                                                                           *Home Delivery to selected areas including Lansing near the mall, between T’burg and Ithaca, Downtown Ithaca, Cayuga Heights and Ellis Hollow. 

To Sign UP, please use the Sign Up Form

Good Life’s core share includes a variety of fresh vegetables.  Each share contains a minimum of 1 lb. of Good Life’s beloved greens mix, and will include peas, radishes, turnips, asparagus, herbs, scallions, leeks and specialty perennial herbs and bunching greens as the season permits.  We are committed to providing a bounty of good green food to cleanse and energize you and your family through the (no longer) lean months of Spring!  We also offer a selection of preserved summer goodness to add color and flavor from warm seasons past.  

  • All shares will be pre-boxed in March and April.  These months are the most challenging for producing fresh vegetables.
  • We will offer more free choice as spring ramps up in May.

Good Life additions

Crooked Carrot and Wide Awake shares can be added into the Good Life core share, and paid all at once. 

Pick-up at Sweet Land (March, April) and Good Life Farm (May).

Deliveries available.  Please see the sign-up form for details.

Sign up with Melissa-

1)      Crooked Carrot Community Supported Kitchen-  

  • March 21- May 30 (6 distributions)
  • $162/share
  • Delivery available

Crooked Carrot Community Supported Kitchen offers CSA style "shares" of food made almost entirely with local ingredients and designed to make it easier to cook local, seasonal vegetables at home. We are based at Stick and Stone Farm and use lots of their veggies in our cooking. We also source ingredients from Good Life, Remembrance, and many other local growers. For our spring share we will start off with warming soup broths (meat or vegetarian), nourishing bean dishes (such as baked beans, or Mexican style black beans), lacto-fermented pickles, and assorted sauces. We will introduce fresher, lighter fare--dressings, dips, and pestos--as the spring weather starts to warm up.


2)      Wide Awake Bakery-  

  • March 14- May 30 (12 weeks)
  • $60/share
  • Delivery available

The Wide Awake Bakery is thrilled to be working with the Good Life Farm this spring!
Here's our plan: we will be offering a special selection of fresh pastas and pizza dough made from our delicious local organic grains.  We'll be working closely with Crooked Carrot to develop tasty pasta and sauce pairings, which should make dinner planning a little simpler and more fun. The GLF/WAB share will consist of either pasta or pizza dough, and it will cost $5 per week. As is our standard practice, we'll do our best to always have extra on hand in case your hunger is gnawing.


Add-ons for a Full Diet- Please contact these producers directly

Pick up options the same as GLF Core Share

Delivery available- add $1/wk total to include one or both options       

A)     Wolftree Farm-

Sign up with Meg- 

Wolftree Farm is pleased to offer some of our products to you through the Good Life Farm Spring CSA. We have PASTURE-RAISED CHICKEN, GRASS-FED LAMB and RAW HONEY.

Follow these links for forms- Chicken share and Lamb Share.

Chicken shares can be delivered all at once or one at a time, and includes your choice of Pate, Giblet Bolognese or Demi-Glace/Stock parts and complete recipe. 

Lamb shares are delivered all at once with a mixture of cuts including Bone-in Half Leg Roasts, Rib & Loin Chops, Stew Cubes, Ground, & Shanks.

  • RAW HONEY—a la carte

Our Raw Honey will be available for sale at the distribution shed in 1lb & 8oz. jars.

Sign up for Wolftree with Meg- 

B)     Double E- Shiitake mushrooms.

Sign up with Double E-

  • Shares begin with the earliest flush of shiitakes.  Double E is pushing the envelope with early strains and will communicate directly with you about start dates.
  • Available at GLF pick-up or through delivery. 
  • 1 pint/$4

The folks at Double E grow mushrooms on logs culled from our forest farm in Danby. You may have seen Double E recently in Edible Finger Lakes and during the season you can find our mushrooms at Green Star.  Log grown shiitakes are plump, beautiful, delicious and full of important nutrients.  Double E is pleased to be a part of Good Life Farm’s Spring CSA as an a la carte item.  We’re planning to have pints of fresh shiitake mushrooms available for pick up with your share for just $4 each.  If you’d like mushrooms this Spring we’d love to hear from you.  

Please contact Double E for direct updates near mushroom time: