2017 Good Life Organic Peaches

wEEK OF AUGUST 14 Harvest report: Special 'Redstar' offer!

Good Life Farm peaches are certified organic, picked tree-ripened and available to you starting right now!

To Order

Please review the info below and send an email with your order to melissa@thegoodlifefarm.org.

Please include the following info:

  • Your name, email, phone number and hometown
  • Do you want a regular share? What size?
  • Do you want ONLY a specific variety (which?) What weight?
  • Your choice of farm pick up or Ithaca delivery

Please note: our peaches are harvested tree ripe so you can start enjoying them the day you pick up!  Please choose a pick up option that works best for your schedule for the highest quality.  A few peaches in your box may need a few more days to ripen- easiest at room temp.


Shares and ONE-time ORDERS

Sign up for a share and we'll pack you a box of each variety! 

10# WEEKLY: $140 for 5 shares ($2.80/lb) Ending 8/18, but we are adding a 6th share for 8/25 to feature 'Contender'! You can still sign up!

5# WEEKLY: $75 for 5 shares ($3/lb) Ending 8/18, but we are adding a 6th share for 8/25 to feature 'Contender'! You can still sign up!


10# ONE TIME: $30 ($3/lb) 

5# ONE TIME: $16.25 ($3.25/lb)


** 'Redstar' Special, Week of Aug 14**

$2.75/lb up to 20#, $2.50/lb for 20# plus



GARNET BEAUTY (ending July 28)

  • July 18- July 30
  • Cling type
  • Brilliant hued-skin
  • flavorful golden flesh

SATURN (ending August 11)

  • early August
  • donut peaches
  • sweet bites for a snack!

RELIANCE (ending August 11)

  • Late July to mid August
  • Freestone type
  • smaller size, perfect for halving to can or freeze
  • lighter skin, deeply apricot flesh

VIVID (ending August 11)

  • Early-mid August
  • Freestone
  • Brilliant magenta skin tones
  • bursting with flavor

REDSTAR (August 7-18ish)

  • Freestone
  • Smaller in 2017, perfect for halving for canning/freezing
  • deeply colored orange flesh and skin

CONTENDER (starts week of August 20)

  • Mid-August
  • Freestone


  • Latest variety- late August


Delivery and Pick Up

FARM PICK UP: Finger Lakes Cider House / Good Life Farm

Fridays, 12- 5 PM


DOWNTOWN ITHACA (MIMI'S ATTIC, 430 W State St, Ithaca, NY 14850)

Tuesdaays, 3-5:45 PM

Fridays, 3-5:45 PM


SOUTH HILL (private home near South Hill Elementary)

Fridays, 3:30 - 8 PM



By email:  contact melissa@thegoodlifefarm.org