Good Life Organic, Baby Ginger!

Frozen ginger still available



taking inquiries for 2017 orders of fresh BAby Ginger:

Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC

Getting to know Ginger Root

Good Life ginger is harvested fresh and delivered the same day.  As a tropical plant grown in the much shorter season of the Northeast, it is a perishable product and is different than the cured ginger we generally find in the store.  Young ginger lends a flavor and freshness to dishes that surpasses cured ginger, as well as opening up more opportunities for culinary experimentation.  Consider trying it raw- grated into greens and root salads- cooked into vegetable dishes or in tea, ginger beer, glazes, sauces etc.


Storage and perishability considerations

  • Young ginger can be stored in the refrigerator for 10-14 days in a sealed container.
  • Any part of the root not used within 14 days should be frozen in a sealed plastic bag, and can be used for months afterwards.  GLF will deliver ginger well washed, but please double check and remove all dirt before freezing.
  • Use pre-frozen ginger still frozen and return unused portions to the freezer.  Repeated thawing and freezing will damage the storability of the root.



  • 1-5 lb @ $10/lb
  • 5-10 lb @ $9.50/lb
  • 11-20 lb @ $9/lb
  • 21-30 lb @ $8.50/lb
  • 30+lb @ $8/lb


Delivery and Pick Up

Starting the week of Oct. 3rd we will be delivering!  Your options, which we will confirm with you at ordering.


Pick Up Here

Any time the Cider House is open. (1-6 M-Thur / 1-8:30 Friday / 11-6pm Sat / 12-5 Sun)


Deliveries: Ithaca

Full Plate Farm Collective sites (Stick and Stone, Pressbay Alley, Three Swallows) start 10/5 til 10/18 or 25 based on supply. WED/THUR/SAT

Mimi's Attic, downtown Ithaca (430 W State St).  2 - 5:30 PM TUESDAYS Starts 10/18

South Hill neighborhood (private home, we will provide the address).  3 - 8 PM TUESDAYS Starts 10/18


Deliveries: Rochester, Syracuse, Auburn

Rochester on Fridays, please schedule with us

Syracuse on Thursdays, please confirm this option

Auburn on Wednesdays, starting 10/18



By email (preferred):  contact

By phone (allow 1 full business day):  call Melissa at (607) 351-3313