Order anything you want and have it delivered to your neighborhood!  

Our new labor of love is called CSA+. "Plus" because we have partnered up with other great farmers in the area to bring you what you need at a delivery site near you in the Finger Lakes region, and "Plus" because you can get a variety of great items like bread, meat, herbs, veggies, yogurt and more. Read on to learn more about how you can get great, local food in your neighborhood.                       

Share Options and A La Carte

Bread, Beef, Fruit, Pork, Veggies, Chicken, Lamb, Yogurt and Mushrooms... We play well with other CSA's, so pick just what you need!

Subscriptions (Shares) are what makes a CSA...  Community Supported Agriculture.  When you sign up for a regular share, you make a commitment to us, and we make one to you. You buy and eat our food, and we grow and deliver it.  Check out our share options...

A La Carte options are available as a one-time option, to let you sample what it's like to get our food, and for current members to add to their deliveries each time.  Check out our CSA+ lineup, combine it with a share or two, and all of a sudden--- no grocery shopping! 

Read our CSA+ Policy for more info on how it works...

Payment Options:

Browse the CSA+ for a complete listing and description of our shares, then:

  1. Use the online store to pay with a credit card OR
  2. Email us with your order to receive an invoice, payable by Check or Credit Card

Payment Plans re available for all shares.  Please see specific share options for details.

Neighborhood Deliveries

Auburn, Cornell Campus,  Interlaken, Ithaca, Skaneateles, Syracuse Areas (Westcott, Fayetteville, Manlius), Trumansburg...                        

See the schedule at the Delivery Locations page...

Do you live an area we serve?  Check out our specific locations and check out the route map, or contact us to offer to host!


Contact Us:

Melissa Madden      
(607) 351 3313